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I downloaded the lifetime / Subscription bundle, but my players are crashing

  • As of last year, i've made products that have a lot of MB inside of them and keymaster won't / took to long to upload so you will see collection_props and collection_props2 make sure to update whenever you see an update posted inside the discord

When are pictures/inventory pre-configs going to be done?

  • As many of you know I didn't know it was going to be that serious about pictures and inventory configs. I do them for you guys it might take time, and asking in a ticket removes me from doing so. Please I will update inside the update channel in the discord.

If the inventory placements aren't done how do I get the placement

Why am I seeing

Im Using Ox Inventory but the animations aren't working?

  • There is 2 items you will need if you use ox inventory 1. Please download "bzzz@restaurant@eat.ycd" inside the below 2. I would recommend placing the ycd inside your emotes script under stream folder 3. 2nd item you will need is https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-animation-eat-with-fork/5068991 4. Lifetime and Subscription Members do not need to do this step

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